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Green Gator of the Month: Chloe Schwab

UF student Chloe Schwab, Green Gator of the Month due to her research with her Marine Sciences major.

UF Marine Sciences major Chloe Schwab looks back on her incredible experiential learning opportunities to perform research across the world! She also reminds us that there is always time for small actions that can improve sustainability.

Green Gator of the Month: Stephen Mulkey

UF professor Stephen Mulkey hiking.

Go on a career journey with student favorite Dr. Stephen Mulkey to learn how he wound up teaching and designing climate change coursework here at UF.

Green Gator of the Month: Gali Polichuk

UF student Gali Polichuk with sunflowers.

Gali is a third-year transfer student from Mexico City. Her exciting internships will give her the perspective she needs to pursue a future in consulting that can help provide a more sustainable life to people worldwide.

Reflect & Reshape Your Sustainability Goals

White UF hat with Sustainable UF button

Let’s spend some time reflecting on the past year by reviewing your sustainable commitments. Next, we will help you make adjustments and choose your new sustainability goals.

Green Gator of the Month: Harold Knowles

UF faculty for Sustainability and the Built Environment, Harold Knowles

Dr. Harold “Hal” Knowles has been dedicated to sharing his passion for sustainability at UF for over two decades! He shares his favorite contributions with us and explains the importance of mentorship.

Green Gator of the Month: Shayna Eaton

UF student holding a strawberry

Shayna is a Sustainability and the Built Environment major with a minor in Urban and Regional Planning. Find out more about the awesome hands-on experiences she is getting both in and out of the classroom related to her future career.

Green Gator of the Month: Angelique Hennon

Angelique Hennon, UF Staff and GIS Technician hiking.

As a GIS/CAD Technician for UF BATS, Angelique is part of the team making sure we have reliable and accurate location data to make decision about resources and sustainability projects.

Green Gator of the Month: Jocelyn Kreider

This month we learn more about Jocelyn, a senior Sustainability Studies major already making an impact on sustainability in business through internships and consulting work!

Green Gator of the Month: Charles Kammin

This month we learn more about Charles, the Director of Utilities for UF’s Electrical and Water Distribution Services unit. He’s eager to improve data collection to make sustainable improvements to our systems.

Green Gator of the Month: Shannon Sawtell

UF student recycling and performing waste management

Green Gators are members of the University of Florida community that are making a sustainable impact on a daily basis.