Students, faculty and staff can all make an impact on water quality and use on campus. While UF employs several sustainability policies in terms of water quality and conservation, individuals can contribute by monitoring daily use, eliminating litter that may end up in bodies of water and reporting leaks as soon as possible.

Guite at UF Waste Water Treatment Plant shows students water at three different stages of water filtration, from most least filtered to most filtered.

Stormwater Management

To build awareness of water quality issues and solutions on UF campus, the UF Clean Water Campaign was launched by UF/IFAS Extension and Facilities Services. This campaign seeks to help people understand the campus storm water drain system and the importance of reporting water pollution on campus.

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Group of UF students tour UF Waste Water Treatment Facility, peering into the large water containment tanks

Reclaimed Water

UF’s Water Reclamation Facility processes up to three million gallons of waste water a day. With the exception of some sports/recreation areas and distal areas, over 98% of the university’s irrigation needs are served by the reclaimed water system, thereby greatly reducing campus use of potable water for that purpose. Reclaimed water is also used to cool the adjacent co-generation power plant.

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Sustainable UF Blue Hourglass Shower Timer for 5 minutes

Water Conservation

Initiatives started by the Department of Housing and Residence Education encourage on-campus residents to conserve water through posted reminders, annual competitions and more. UF/IFAS Extension also offers extensive resources and tips for conserving water in your own life in the Guide to Sustainable Living.

Gator resting by the water with its mouth open

Reporting Leaks

Make sure that faucets are turned off all the way and promptly report leaky faucets, toilets and sprinklers to the PPD Work Management. Call 352-392-1121 or email workorder@admin.ufl.edu to report an issue. 

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