Sustainable forms of transportation not only reduce impact on the environment, they can be more convenient, more efficient and more cost effective. By choosing to walk, bike, bus or carpool, we can reduce the number of cars on the road, and thus reduce air and noise pollution, time lost in traffic, and save money on gas. There are several sustainable transportation options available to students, faculty & staff for getting around UF campus and Gainesville.

Plaza of the Americas filled with students walking, biking, and eating Krishna lunch

Bicycle Programs

Bicycling is an excellent way to minimize car use, save money on gas and get exercise all at the same time. For those interested in choosing a bicycle for some or all transportation needs, the following programs offer support for students faculty and/or staff:

Electric car plugged in and charging in a parking garage

Electric Vehicles on Campus

The University of Florida embraces the use of electric vehicles (EVs) by faculty, staff, students, and visitors. We are expanding the percentage of electric vehicles in our campus fleet and enhancing charging infrastructure to service those fleet vehicles and the personal EVs of the community that works, studies, and visits our campus.

Follow the links below to learn more about electric vehicles at UF:

Close-up shot of an RTS bus

RTS Bus System

UF students, faculty and staff and spouses enjoy unlimited access to all RTS services anytime, anywhere they operate, with no fee required, just show the driver your valid Gator One ID card. RTS runs 7 days a week, with routes throughout the UF campus and Gainesville, allowing you to use its convenient services for weekend errands as well as school and work commuting. Many buses have bicycle racks so you can take your bike with you. All buses now run on a B20 biodiesel blend and have a Gator Locator GPS system that allows you to track them in real time.

Rideshare Options

The Carpool Program encourages eligible University of Florida and Shands faculty and staff members to share the ride to and from campus. Registered carpool members purchase their own annual Carpool decals at about one half the cost of an Orange or Blue faculty/staff decal.

Zipcars are available by the hour or by the day, and gas, insurance and 180 free miles are included with every reservation. Zipcars are available to students, faculty and staff – if you’re 18 years of age or older, you can drive a Zipcar today! For more information, visit Zipcar UF.

Transportation and Parking Services provides point-to-point transportation for UF faculty and staff, on the Main Campus, East Campus, Emerson Alumni Hall and the Human Resources Building via the Campus Cab.

SNAP provides nightly escorts anywhere on campus to persons on request. The service is staffed by students equipped and supervised by the university police department. To request a ride, call 352-392-SNAP (352-392-7627) or download the TapRide SNAP app for your smartphone.

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