Land & Conservation

The responsible stewardship and sustainable development of UF’s facilities and land resources is guided largely by the Campus Master Plan. This plan addresses on-campus development that may have impact on public facilities and/or natural resources as well as off-campus development that may have impact on university facilities and/or natural resources. This plan, as well as other initiatives, inform sustainability policies and practices when it comes to managing land and natural resources at UF.

Plants outside of Southwest Recreation Center

Biodiversity & Landscape Management

By promoting native plants, limiting the use of pesticides, and developing educational programs, UF benefits from beautiful landscaping that reduces the need for irrigation and chemical applications. UF’s commitment to environmentally responsible landscape management is outlined in various elements of the Campus Master Plan (adopted in 2020).

Boardwalk path in forest

Conservation Areas on Campus

The Conservation Area Land Management (CALM) plans overlook the 31 Conservation Areas on the main campus and inform the conservation element of the Campus Master plan. These plans and conservation areas help maintain UF’s status as an Audubon International Cooperative Sanctuary.

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