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To achieve the goal of a sustainable UF, we are committed to encouraging and facilitating the collaborative efforts of faculty, students, and staff to generate knowledge, acquire skills, develop values, and initiate practices that contribute to a sustainable, high quality of life on campus, in the state of Florida, and across the globe.

History of Sustainability Planning at UF

In 2006, the UF Office of Sustainability brought together representatives of diverse stakeholder groups across  campus to develop a collaborative vision for campus sustainability. Each group of representatives focused on a different topic area, all of which are represented individually and collectively in the sections of the report – Vision for a Sustainable UF.

Implementation plans were also crafted collaboratively to chart a course towards UF’s goals, as outlined in the strategic vision. Each group of representatives focused on different topic areas related to our Guiding Principles and represented in the vision report. In some cases, multiple topics identified in the vision share one implementation plan (i.e. Equity, Health, and Well-being, or Stewardship and Campus Culture).

UF Strategic Development Plan

In 2017, the University of Florida published the Strategic Development Plan, which seeks to shape the university and surrounding community’s future over the next 40 to 50 years and establish the framework for the “New American City.” The plan itself, which factors in the consulting team’s expertise, community voices and UF’s goals, including maintaining its standing as a preeminent university and a leading research institution, comprises four main initiatives:

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Contact Us

If you would like more information about a sustainability program or initiative or would like to request data for academic purposes, please email us. Once received, your inquiry will be routed to the appropriate staff member, who will be in touch to help address your needs. Learn More