Interview Requests

Thank you for your interest in the Office of Sustainability. Please review the following guidelines completely before submitting your interview request at the form below.

Please do not contact individual staff members or contact us through social media accounts to request an interview. All requests must be submitted through the form below.

Same-day interview requests

Our office staff rarely have the time and availability to grant same-day interview requests, and walk-ins will be instructed to follow the interview request procedure. Please submit your interview request with at least 2 business days’ notice before your anticipated interview. Please refrain from coming to the office unannounced and asking for an immediate interview.


  • Please complete the form below to schedule your interview at least 2 business days before you are anticipating a meeting time. Please arrive on time and come prepared.
  • To ensure that we are well prepared for the interview, we request as much lead time as possible. Therefore, in most cases we will not be able to schedule the interview for the same day.
  • Please explain what the story is about and/or the topic of the article when you complete the form above. This information is essential so that you will be scheduled with the proper person.
  • Please provide your story topic and questions in advance. If you don’t include them in the form submission, you’ll be asked to send them in a follow-up email before an interview is scheduled.
  • We recommend checking in at least 15 minutes before the time your interview is scheduled or call in advance if you need to cancel the appointment.
  • Due to limited staff availability, missed appointments can only be re-scheduled once.

Thank you for your interest in Sustainability at UF. We look forward to talking with you!

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