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UF Earth Month 2024

SustainableUF invites you to celebrate UF Earth Month 2024 during the entire month of April! Join us and our campus partners as we highlight UF’s sustainability wins through engaging events, experiences, and a sense of community.

Tabling Request Open for 2024 Sustainability-in-Action Showcase

It’s back! Submit your tabling request to participate in the 2024 Sustainability-in-Action Showcase, the headline event of UF Campus Earth Month.

Biodiversity Internship Opportunity: Join the UF Office of Sustainability’s Internship Team

Are you passionate about conservation and ready to be a change agent on campus? Look no further than the Biodiversity Internship with the UF Office of Sustainability! We’re thrilled to offer a paid internship starting in Fall 2023 that provides hands-on experience and a chance to engage the campus community in our conservation areas.

Celebrate 10 Years of Tree Campus Recognition at UF

Join us in celebrating everyone who plays a part in receiving and maintaining the Tree Campus designation from the Arbor Day Foundation year after year.

Highlighted Stories

Congratulations to the 2024 Champions for Change!

12 outstanding individuals/groups were recognized this year for their contributions to sustainability and/or health and well-being at UF. Keep reading to earn more about each recipient!

Green Gator of the Month: Madeline Stewart

Madeline Stewart talks with us about her job at the Butterfly Rainforest, Manatee County Natural Resources Department Internship, and her thesis covering the connections between hunting and Fish and Wildlife Department funding nationally. You also don’t want to miss her poetic explanation of what drives her commitment to sustainability!

Green Gator of the Month: Anusha Chaudhary

Anusha Chaudhary, PhD student of Medical Geography and instructor for Conservation of Resources, is the Green Gator of the Month! She says her favorite thing about teaching is meeting new students every semester and having a cross-learning environment. Whether it be conservation updates, fun facts, or new slang, she enjoys the opportunity to learn from students while they learn from her. 

Sustainability-in-Action Showcase: UF Earth Month 2024

April 16, 2024, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

Reitz Union Breezeway

UF Earth Month’s main event is the Sustainability-in-Action Showcase! On Tuesday, April 16th, everyone will gather to celebrate sustainability on campus at this engaging and interactive tabling fair.

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Action of the Month Series

Action of the Month: Set Your Summer Sustainability Goal

June 2022 Brought to you by the Office of Sustainability and the UF Thompson Earth Systems Institute. Summer… the time of year we look forward to filling with vacations, revisiting traditions, and taking a break from the routine. For students, this can mean a pause from daily homework and exams or the chance to pursue […]

Action of the Month: Ease Your Eco-Anxiety

May 2022 Written by Chloe Dill, Office of Sustainability Intern and Second-Year Psychology Major, in collaboration with the UF Thompson Earth Systems Institute. People who are concerned about climate change, environmental degradation, and other sustainability challenges may be experiencing what is called eco-anxiety. This can include emotions of grief and guilt and the sensation of […]

Action Of The Month: Become A Community Scientist

April 2022 Written by Alexis Irvin, Office of Sustainability Intern, in collaboration with the UF Thompson Earth Systems Institute. Understanding nature and its complexities, from severe weather trends to the unique migration patterns of local species, can be complicated. Even more daunting is the idea of understanding how these systems are changing, which can have significant […]

Action Of The Month: Find Seasonal Produce Near You

An exciting way to follow sustainable practices is to focus on eating seasonal produce for your local area. Find out more here!

Action of the Month: Understand Your Water Footprint

February 2022 Brought to you by the Office of Sustainability and the UF Thompson Earth Systems Institute. Words can barely encompass the significance of water on our planet. Throughout history, water has played a fascinating role in the history of humankind. It has allowed civilizations to flourish, fostered connections across the world, and launched countless conflicts. Because […]

Action of the Month: Spot Greenwashing as an Eco-conscious Consumer

January 2022 Written by Astrid Rojas, Office of Sustainability Intern, and Lauren Stefan, Office of Sustainability Design & Marketing Assistant, in collaboration with the UF Thompson Earth Systems Institute  Happy New Year! Astrid and Lauren with Sustainable UF here!  2022 is underway and many people are exploring new goals and resolutions for the year ahead. […]

Action of the Month: Reduce Waste During the Holidays

This December, join Sustainable UF & TESI to review ways to reduce waste when giving gifts & celebrate more sustainably!

Action of The Month: Know The History of The Land You Inhabit

November 2021 Written by Chloe Dill, Office of Sustainability Intern, in collaboration with the UF Thompson Earth Systems Institute. Hi, Chloe with Sustainable UF here! In honor of National Native American Heritage Month, join me and Sustainable UF for the November Action of the Month: Know the History of the Land You Inhabit. We’ll explore […]