Green Gator of the Month: Anusha Chaudhary

March 2024

Written by Sustainable UF intern Alexandria O’Donovan 

Each month, the Office of Sustainability will feature members of the University of Florida community who are making a sustainable impact on a daily basis. Keep reading to meet our featured faculty for March!

Meet Anusha Chaudhary!

Anusha is pursuing a PhD through the UF Department of Geography, focusing on Medical Geography in Global Health.

Anusha Chaudhary hiking at Loblolly Woods Nature Park in Gainesville, Florida.

She is also the instructor for GEO3372, Conservation of Resources, an amazing course to learn more about biodiversity, resources, challenges, and strategies of conservation!

Outside of her academic pursuits, Anusha enjoys painting, caring for her plants, and being outside.

Finding Her Passion

Originally a Microbiology major, Anusha did not discover her passion for conservation and sustainability right away.

Anusha Chaudhary working in the field in nature.

While working on a project to investigate how microbes can be used to break down polymers, she realized two things: 

  1. She loved being outside in the field.
  2. She was wholeheartedly invested in solving environmental issues to improve conditions for the ecosystems, communities, and animals affected. 

This project sparked her love for conservation, and she became committed to pursuing this newfound calling! 

Since then, Anusha obtained a Master’s in Biodiversity and Conservation and has worked with various conservation organizations.

Advice for Future Conservationists 

Having directly worked with landscape conservation and impacted communities, Anusha understands how challenging the field of sustainability and conservation can be. 

Champions for sustainability and conservation can be met with questions, difficult problems, and demotivating situations; however, these tough times are not permanent. 

“In those [tough] moments, try to hold your passion even closer because this is the time you should not let go.”

Anusha elaborates, “What you are doing is having a wonderful, direct impact on this planet. So, always appreciate yourself for that and never back down from challenges!” 

She also advises that you remain open to all possibilities and try not to let your biases stop you from seeing new perspectives and solutions.  

Life As A Gator

One of the things Anusha loves most about UF is being able to teach. 

She says her favorite thing about teaching is meeting new students every semester and having a cross-learning environment. Whether it be conservation updates, fun facts, or new slang, she enjoys the opportunity to learn from students while they learn from her. 

Anusha Chaudhary teaching Conservation of Resources at UF.

She also loves the diversity and sense of community that UF fosters. As both a student and teacher, Anusha remarks that UF promotes a feeling of togetherness that she truly appreciates. 

Environmentally-Friendly Habits  

One thing that Anusha says we can do to become more environmentally friendly is to question and be conscious of our choices.

“What kind of implications will your choice have on the environment?” 

Some of the ways that Anusha tries to live a more sustainable lifestyle that other people can try are:

  1. Wearing second-hand or thrifted clothes
  2. Reusing glass bottles 
  3. Composting food scraps
  4. Growing her own food 
  5. Avoiding singular-vehicle use as much as possible
  6. Limiting water use
  7. Donate plastic bags back to stores
Anusha Chaudhary working with her plants.

A mindful use of resources is a fundamental aspect of sustainability and something we should all think about and work towards!

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Published: March 26th, 2024

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