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Green Gator of the Month: Madeline Stewart

Madeline Stewart, UF student, enjoying some free time hiking in the mountains.

Madeline Stewart talks with us about her job at the Butterfly Rainforest, Manatee County Natural Resources Department Internship, and her thesis covering the connections between hunting and Fish and Wildlife Department funding nationally. You also don’t want to miss her poetic explanation of what drives her commitment to sustainability!

Green Gator of the Month: Anusha Chaudhary

Anusha Chaudhary, March Green Gator of the Month, PhD student in Geography.

Anusha Chaudhary, PhD student of Medical Geography and instructor for Conservation of Resources, is the Green Gator of the Month! She says her favorite thing about teaching is meeting new students every semester and having a cross-learning environment. Whether it be conservation updates, fun facts, or new slang, she enjoys the opportunity to learn from students while they learn from her. 

Green Gator of the Month: Danny Coenen

UF faculty member Danny Coenen, Environmental Science.

Dr. Danny Coenen is heavily involved in educating, promoting, and supporting sustainability at UF through his work. He is an Instructional Associate Professor of Environment Science and the Undergraduate Coordinator for the School of Natural Resources and Environment (SNRE). He teaches EVR2001, Intro to Environmental Science, and impacts hundreds of students each year who otherwise may never engage with sustainability in their lives.

Green Gator of the Month: Maddie Kowalewski

Maddie Kowalewski, Sustainability Manager for Florida Fresh Dining at the University of Florida.

Get to know Maddie Kowalewski, the Sustainability Manager for Florida Fresh Dining at UF! She talks to us about salvageable food, local businesses, and climate anxiety. Maddie shares her journey into sustainable living and provides important insights into easy ways to change the things that you can control.

Green Gator of the Month: Chris Landaeta

UF student Chris Landaeta.

Chris Landaeta, a nearly lifelong resident of Gainesville, is super active in the local environmental scene. He finds joy in bringing people from UF and beyond together to work on the common goal of protecting the environment. Chris defines sustainability as a Venn diagram where environmentally friendly, economically feasible, and socially just actions overlap.

Green Gator of the Month: Valentina Padron-Rasines

Valentina Padron-Rasines, UF student and Green Gator of the Month, headshot outdoors.

Valentina Padron-Rasines is a Sustainability Studies major who has a passion for social justice and preserving the environment. We talk to her about her internships as a LEED for Cities Intern and a Sustainability Intern with Alachua County. Her experiences have given her a positive outlook and an understanding of how to implement successful public policy!

Green Gator of the Month: Jess Mercier

Jess Mercier is the Assistant Director of Outreach and Marketing for UF Study Abroad. She’s dedicated to sustainable event processes, committed to exploring the intersection of sustainability and international travel, AND she’s running her own vintage and secondhand thrift resale business!

Green Gator of the Month: Mayssa Shalhoub

Mayssa Shalhoub having fun with sustainability underwater.

Mayssa Shalhoub hopes to serve as an example of how living sustainably can allow a person to tap into their personal creativity and connect with their community – and she’s doing a great job! Learn more and read her unofficial guide to sustainability at UF.

Green Gator of the Month: Jim Vignola

UF staff member Jim Vignola.

Jim Vignola, Project Manager for Planning, Design & Construction, is leading the way on new building projects at UF. Find out more about the awards his team won on the new Special Collections building and about the priority he puts on repurposing!

Green Gator of the Month: David Flores

David Flores has it all – impressive internships, robust student involvement, experience in exciting sustainability courses as a dual degree student majoring in both Environmental Engineering and Sustainability Studies. You don’t want to miss his recommendations and advice for other sustainable Gators!