Support for the health and wellness of students, faculty & staff is vital to holistic sustainability efforts at UF. Wellness programs are provided for students and resources are offered to staff & faculty to help improve safety and reduce stress in the workplace. These initiatives help create a healthy and productive environment for learning, living and working.

Counseling and Wellness Center located on Radio Road

Counseling and Wellness Center

The Counseling and Wellness Center offers therapy and consultation services to students at UF. Their mission is to foster human development in all of its diversity through compassion, empowerment, advocacy, hope, and heart.

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Students crowd the GatorWell Hut at Plaza of the Americas


GatorWell Health Promotion Services offers one-on-one consultations and larger outreach programs on a wide variety of health and wellness topics related to the college experience. Their mission is to empower UF students to be healthy and well through prevention.

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A man and a woman dressed in professional clothing share the sidewalk and are speaking to each other while walking

Worklife Wellness

UF Human Resources facilitates a variety of resources and events designed to help UF staff and faculty improve the health and safety of their work environments.

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Students gathered and participating in the ropes course at Lake Wauburg

RecSports & CORE

While enrolled, students have full access to the RecSports gyms and facilities on campus, including Lake Wauberg. In addition to this, students and employees can rent gear, go on trips and learn outdoor skills with the Center for Outdoor Recreation and Education (CORE).

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