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Green Gator of the Month: Angelique Hennon

Angelique Hennon, UF Staff and GIS Technician hiking.

As a GIS/CAD Technician for UF BATS, Angelique is part of the team making sure we have reliable and accurate location data to make decision about resources and sustainability projects.

Green Gator of the Month: Jocelyn Kreider

This month we learn more about Jocelyn, a senior Sustainability Studies major already making an impact on sustainability in business through internships and consulting work!

Green Gator of the Month: Charles Kammin

This month we learn more about Charles, the Director of Utilities for UF’s Electrical and Water Distribution Services unit. He’s eager to improve data collection to make sustainable improvements to our systems.

Green Gator of the Month: Shannon Sawtell

UF student recycling and performing waste management

Green Gators are members of the University of Florida community that are making a sustainable impact on a daily basis.

Free to UF: Global Conference on Sustainability

Global Conference on Sustainability in Higher Education 2022

Free, virtual global conference on sustainability. Don’t miss the chance to commit to The Urgency of Now at #GCSHE.

Behind The Scenes With Our Intern Team

Take a look at the incredible work the Outreach & Communications interns are doing to share important messaging with the UF community!

Communications & Outreach Internship

The UF Office of Sustainability is now seeking applicants for a paid internship to join the Communications and Outreach intern team. This internship will involve working with the Design & Marketing Assistant, as well as other Office of Sustainability interns and staff, to implement campaigns and projects that improve the reach and engagement of sustainability-related […]

Action of the Month: Set Your Summer Sustainability Goal


June 2022 Brought to you by the Office of Sustainability and the UF Thompson Earth Systems Institute. Summer… the time of year we look forward to filling with vacations, revisiting traditions, and taking a break from the routine. For students, this can mean a pause from daily homework and exams or the chance to pursue […]

Action of the Month: Ease Your Eco-Anxiety

Pink flowers on campus

May 2022 Written by Chloe Dill, Office of Sustainability Intern and Second-Year Psychology Major, in collaboration with the UF Thompson Earth Systems Institute. People who are concerned about climate change, environmental degradation, and other sustainability challenges may be experiencing what is called eco-anxiety. This can include emotions of grief and guilt and the sensation of […]

Action Of The Month: Become A Community Scientist

Group of community scientists at UF

April 2022 Written by Alexis Irvin, Office of Sustainability Intern, in collaboration with the UF Thompson Earth Systems Institute. Understanding nature and its complexities, from severe weather trends to the unique migration patterns of local species, can be complicated. Even more daunting is the idea of understanding how these systems are changing, which can have significant […]