Electric Vehicles – Information for EV Drivers

UF welcomes electric vehicle (EV) drivers to our campus! We have recently expanded our EV charging infrastructure and are working to continually enhance the experience of EV drivers who work, study, and visit our campus.

EV Charging Station Locations

The locations of the electric vehicle charging stations currently available on campus are shown and listed below. UF is in the process of adding several additional stations which should be operational by the beginning of 2018. A map of the charging locations can be found at: https://campusmap.ufl.edu/# by selecting Transportation > EV Charging.

  • O’Connell Center Parking Garage
  • Parking Garage 4
  • Reitz Union Welcome Center Parking Garage
  • Transportation & Parking Services Parking Garage
  • Cultural Plaza Parking Garage
  • Shepard Broad Building (parking lot on the south side)
  • Levin College of Law
  • East Campus
  • Norman Garage

Double check with Chargepoint map to determine that a spot is operational and available for the desired time of use.

Using the Campus EV Charging Stations

UF’s newest and all future electric vehicle charging stations operate on the ChargePoint network. These “smart stations” offer extensive features for both drivers (you) and the station owner/operator (the university), including driver updates & alerts, scheduling, and data metrics. Although charging your vehicle on campus is free, you will need a ChargePoint account to activate the charging stations.

UF’s older charging stations (located at the Reitz Union parking garage and the parking lot to the south of the Shepard Broad Building) do not require a ChargePoint account.

Parking Policies

  • Charging is free on campus, although a strict 4-hour charging limit is enforced to ensure that other drivers have a chance to charge their vehicles as well.
  • Only electric vehicles are allowed to park in EV charging spots, and only while actively charging.
  • Vehicles that are actively charging must follow UF parking decal restrictions for the lot in which the charging space is located, including displaying a valid UF decal. Most decal restrictions on campus are lifted after 4:30pm but EV drivers are still expected to follow the 4-hour time limit for charging.