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Let’s Talk Sustainability! Takeaways From Our First Intern Led Panel

By Sustainable UF Intern: Noura Al-Rajhi Last week our office and UF Bikes hosted the Student Discussions: Let’s Talk Sustainability Panel, a live peer-to-peer discussion led by us interns. If you missed out on the panel, don’t worry! We posted the recording below as well as a free toolkit to help guide you on your […]

Guide to Going Green at UF

Students on Campus wearing masks

Whether you are a new student, faculty member, employee, or a parent or family member of a student, we extend our warm welcome to the Gator Nation! We hope that you make your time at UF as memorable – and sustainable! – as possible. To get you started, we’ve put together some quick links for […]

Enjoy a Sustainable Staycation!

Digital Art: yellow flat background with a search bar, the words "sustainable staycation guide" in the search bar

Missing your favorite summer activities during quarantine? Don’t know what to do? Follow our Sustainable Staycation Guide, made by the Sustainable UF intern team, for tips on how to enjoy a social-distanced summer!

In Support of Diversity, Equity and Justice: Message and Resources

Vines growing on a campus building

Advancing matters of justice, equity, and diversity are essential to creating a safe, sustainable and thriving world. The UF Office of Sustainability recognizes that protecting the future of the planet and protecting its people are one and the same and we echo UF President Fuchs’ call to “come together against racism and hate and in […]

UF Student Goes Above and Beyond to Support Local Organizations

Two UF students carrying a box of food donations for essential staff members in front of Shands Emergency Room

By Christi-Anne WeatherlySustainable UF Intern and Contributing Writer When UF senior Lauren Bouskila found out that classes would not be returning from the online format this semester, she and a friend decided to use their leftover FlexBucks before they expired at the end of the semester.   Bouskila and her friend went to the POD Market […]

Congratulations to the 2020 Champions for Change

The following people and programs were selected in 2020 to receive Champions for Change awards for their significant contributions in the areas of Sustainability or Health & Well-Being. In the category of Sustainability: Kristina Rodriguez Kristina Rodriguez, an undergraduate student in Environmental Science, has played a key role in founding multiple student organizations including the […]

Tips for Fun & Effective Video Meetings: Student Organizations

White study desk has a yellow lamp illuminating a laptop and headphone set. A small plant is set on the right corner of the table.

While students are practicing stay-at-home and social distancing policies, many student organizations are looking to video conferences to maintain communications and continue programs. We’ve put together a list of tips to help make the transition to video meetings fun and effective for your student organization! Basic meeting facilitation reminders: Set an agenda and share with […]

Earth Day: It All Began With College Students

An elevated photo of students collectively creating the words "UF Earth Day" by lying down in the shape of letters on Reitz Lawn

By Christi-Anne WeatherlySustainable UF Intern and Contributing Writer Earth Day is just around the corner, and this year marks the 50th anniversary of its inception. Looking back on Earth Day celebrations of the early 70s tells us that it was primarily college students to drive the agenda and eventual adoption of sustainable legislature by the […]

History of Earth Day at the University of Florida

Students march with environmental protest signs, girl in shopping cart is pushed by a boy, next to a bicycle.

By Noura Al-rajhiSustainable UF Intern and Contributing Writer Professor Emeritus Bill Seaman speaks to Sustainable UF on how he brought Earth Day to campus. It all started in the Fall of 1969 when three University of Florida students attended The Environment and the Developing Professional conference in Virginia.  The conference brought together students from various […]

50 Social-Distancing Ways to Celebrate Campus Earth Week

Did you know? Earth Day 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of this global celebration! To honor this milestone, we’ve put together a list of 50 actions that you can take while practicing social distancing. We hope these ideas will inspire you to take that extra step to connect with the environment, your well-being or your […]