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Jacob Adams
Campus Bicycle Program Coordinator

Jacob Adams is UF’s first Campus Bicycle Program Coordinator. He has been cycling his whole life and has experience ranging from race organizing and running a local bike shop to safe cycling education and daily commuting. He has been a member of the Office of Sustainability since 2014 and helped to launch UF’s Gator Gears student bike rental program and UF’s Bike To Campus Day events. Jacob believes that safe cycling education can empower cyclists to ride safely anywhere and brings his expertise as a League of American Bicyclists League Cycling Instructor and Cycling Savvy Instructor to campus education efforts for students, faculty and staff. In his role as Campus Bicycle Program Coordinator he provides input on relevant infrastructure projects, develops outreach and education campaigns, plans events and works to make cycling better for everyone on campus. Jacob holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History from the University of North Florida. He is also an active member of Gainesville’s vibrant cycling and music scenes.

Corey Farmer
Sustainability Coordinator

Corey Farmer is the Sustainability Coordinator for the Office of Sustainability. He is responsible for GHG inventories, carbon footprint mitigation tactics, evaluating efficiency upgrades, and related data analysis. Corey has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Auburn University with a focus on design, and a MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder where he focused on energy storage and policy. Prior to coming to UF, he worked in the US Navy’s nuclear power program. He has experience in construction estimating, power production, operational management, and casualty preparedness. When not at work, Corey is busy traveling, hosting gatherings, and “nerding out”.

Grace Gibson
Outreach & Communications Assistant

Grace is a recent UF graduate with degrees in Environmental Science and Political Science. As a student, she was a Sustainable UF Outreach and Communications Intern for 1.5 years and was a member of numerous student organizations including Gators Going Green, the IRHA Environmental Concerns Committee, and GECO. Currently, Grace works with Allison Vitt and Hannah Ulloa to manage the Sustainable UF brand and create digital content with the Outreach and Communications team. In her free time Grace enjoys attending local art festivals and buying too many books at the Friends of the Library Book Sale.

Fiona Hogan
Strategic Projects Manager

Fiona Hogan is the Strategic Projects Manager with the Office of Sustainability. Her goal is to help facilitate productive and positive relationships between the Office of Sustainability and the larger Gainesville and UF communities. She coordinates community engagement, but also works closely with UF faculty, students, and staff to help with a range of sustainability initiatives. Fiona received her Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s in Sustainable Development Practice from the University of Florida. She is passionate about making sustainable lifestyles more accessible for everyone, especially marginalized and overlooked communities. Fiona loves to talk about equity and inclusion, participatory approaches, program development, and monitoring and evaluation. When she’s not in the office, you can find Fiona exploring somewhere cool with her adorable dog, Penny, or with her nose in a book.

Liz Storn
Program Coordinator

Liz is a Program Coordinator for the Office of Sustainability. She is responsible for programs and initiatives related to waste, transportation and water, and enjoys working with students, faculty and staff on these and other topics.  Liz has a BA in Environmental Biology and Environmental Science from Dartmouth College (NH), as well as a BS in Engineering and a Master’s in Engineering Management from the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College. Prior to coming to UF, she worked as the Engineering Technician for a small city in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon and as a wetland consultant. She has experience in natural resource management, transportation system planning, stormwater engineering, mapping, and data management. When not at work, Liz is busy running, biking, and chasing after her toddler.

Hannah Ulloa
Sustainability Communications Coordinator

Hannah Ulloa focuses on digital media design and marketing for various programs of the Office of Sustainability. Her responsibilities involve maintaining and developing the digital and physical aspects of outreach and engagement programs. With a background in Architecture and Photography, she specializes in designing visual content and applies these skills in every opportunity. Hannah works in collaboration with the Outreach and Communications Coordinator, Allison Vitt, to improve the graphics and messaging of current and upcoming programs across campus, social media and the Office of Sustainability website. She has been an intern with nonprofit We Are Neutral since January 2016 and continues to freelance as a graphic designer and social media manager. She is strongly passionate about human connection with the natural world and when she finds free time, she spends it with her dog or enjoying a latte at a local coffee shop.

Matthew Williams

Matthew I. Williams is the Director of UF’s Office of Sustainability and Energy Integration. He holds a B.S. and M.S. in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation from the University of Florida, and has been a certified Energy Auditor. Prior to joining the office at UF, Matt worked in campus sustainability for seven years as Auburn University’s (Alabama) first full time sustainability coordinator.  In addition to a focus on climate and energy programs, Matt has worked on sustainability in campus food systems, transportation, procurement, waste prevention, stormwater education, inclusion and diversity, and community engagement. As a foundation to his work in campus sustainability, Matt has professional experience as a tropical field research biologist, an instructor in formal university courses on sustainability and biodiversity, and in the national non-profit realm working with public and private institutions to provide resources to make sustainably responsible procurement decisions. Matt’s approach recognizes the combined roles of individuals and institutions in creating a sustainable future, and the need for higher education to take a leadership role in both educating students for sustainability, and incorporating sustainability practices into day-to-day campus operations.