Part 1: Venue Transportation and Accommodations


Look for places that are already showing a commitment to sustainability and try to choose a site near public transportation. Some options on the UF campus or close by are listed below:

It is important to contact the venue as early as possible to book the space(s), as many venues on campus and around town fill up far in advance. Once the site is selected, publicize all options for public or alternative transit on the event website and materials. Refer to the Transportation section below on options for sustainable transportation to the event.


There are many ways to encourage sustainable transportation. You can publicize the following suggestions in your marketing materials, invitations, event website and e-mails:

  • Consider taking the bus, carpooling, biking or walking
  • RTS Gainesville has numerous bus routes that service the city. Routes and schedules can be viewed here:
  • UF Zimride: The university’s carpool matching service.
  • ZipCar: A short-term car rental program with convenient car pick-up and drop-off locations throughout campus. Find out more here.
  • Campus Cab: (352.392.1121) *Note that Campus Cab is for use by faculty/staff only.
  • GatorLift: An on-campus service for students, faculty and staff with mobility limitations.
  • If off campus, consider arranging for private bus shuttles to the location through RTS (352.334.2600).
  • For attendees that might be traveling from another location, participants can choose to offset carbon emissions through our local non-profit partner – We Are Neutral – which creates offsets here in Alachua county through tree plantings and energy retrofits in low-income housing units.


If your event will attract a number of folks in need of hotel accommodations, refer attendees to hotels near the event venue so alternative transportation can be used. Some hotel options are:

  • J. Wayne Reitz Union Hotel: (352.392.2151) Conveniently located in the center of campus allowing for easy access to any on-campus event or to buses
  • Holiday Inn: (352.376.1661) Located right on the NE side of campus with access to campus or downtown via walking, biking or RTS bus system.
  • Hilton UF Conference Center: (352.371.3600) Located on the West side of campus with convenient bus routes that service almost the entire campus

Additionally, consider providing tips for your guests on how to be sustainable during their stay, such as:

  • reusing towels
  • unplugging personal electronics when not in use
  • adjusting the room temperature while they are gone
  • bringing their own toiletries in refillable bottles