Neutral UF Coalition

The Neutral UF Coalition program was unveiled in April 2016 at the annual Campus Earth Day Celebration and was officially launched in September 2016. UF is working toward major institutional changes to reach its goal of carbon neutrality by 2025, and the Neutral UF Coalition program provides an easy way for individuals to participate in helping the campus achieve its goal. The program is envisioned to reduce the GHG emissions of the university by impacting the footprint of various areas, including the following:

Carbon Neutral Commuter Program

Employee commuting makes up about 6% of UF’s total carbon footprint. For most employees at the University of Florida, driving is a necessity. Although we work to promote alternative transportation options whenever possible, we realize and understand that it is not realistic for everyone. Those employees may enroll in voluntary post-tax payroll deductions to offset their commute. Just one dollar per pay period – or $26 a year for 12-month employees – can completely offset the average UF commute.

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Green Recognition for Offices & Workspaces

Departments and colleges have the opportunity to address environmental sustainability concerns within their offices and work spaces, through the GROW (Green Recognition for Offices & Workspaces) program. The mission of GROW is to support and promote offices that are taking steps toward reducing their environmental footprint. It covers a wide range of sustainability topics including support for alternative modes of transportation, understanding building systems and ways to conserve energy resources in the workspace.

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Susty, the Sustainable UF Polar Bear Mascot, waves at the camera while carrying a Sustainable UF Flag

Sustainable Event Certification

Events hosted on campus are a great opportunity to address sustainability! In addition to advising on transportation and purchasing options, the Sustainable Event Certification program can help you understand and manage the energy resources and waste reduction options when hosting an event on campus.

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UF sculpture, Gator on Top of the World, located at Warrington College of Business

Long-Distance Travel

If you are travelling for UF purposes, there are easy ways that you or your department can reduce the environmental impact of this travel. Multiple airlines provide the opportunity to offset the carbon footprint of your trip, or you can offset your travel through the local nonprofit We Are Neutral.

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Buildings & Operations

Overall energy consumption in UF buildings accounts for over 75% of UF’s carbon footprint. The university is continuously trying to improve building systems by increasing comfort and unit efficiency, while still focusing on decreasing energy consumption.

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