Just a Few of the Sustainability-Related Courses Available Fall 2018!

Still looking for an elective to take next semester? Want to take an exciting class to learn more about sustainability? If so, check out our Fall 2018 sustainability course recommendations! No matter your major or interests, there’s a sustainability course that will enhance your education and have you excited for class.

Are you interested in…?

…Sustainability Studies?

Course: IDS2154 – Facets of Sustainability
Professor: Leslie Thiele
Description: Introduces theory and practices of sustainability from a variety of topical concerns and academic fields. Investigate challenges of pursuing sustainability via texts, lectures, debate, discussion, and written assignments.

  • “Facets of Sustainability is the gateway course for anyone planning to major or minor in Sustainability Studies. It’s great for anyone who’s interested in sustainability but hasn’t had a lot of exposure to the subject before.” – Adrianna, 3rd year

…Economics and Policy?

Course: ECP3302 – Environmental Economics and Resource Policy (GE-S and N)
Professor: Michelle Phillips
Description: The relations between environmental quality resource utilization and economic institutions and policy. Examines alternative strategies and policies in solving the problems of environmental quality and resource scarcity.

  • “This course is really useful because you’ll leave with a lot of quantitative tools, such as knowing how to estimate the costs and benefits of environmental policies and regulations. The professor is also a plus, as she’s caring and can be hilarious at times” – Lindsay, 4th year

…the Built Environment?

Course: BCN1582 – International Sustainable Development (GE-S and N)
Professor: Ravi Srinivasan
Description: An overview of international trends in reducing the environmental impacts of land development and construction. Surveys best practices in a dozen countries around the world.

  • “Ravi’s expertise and passion come across in everything he teaches, and that really makes the gravity of the subject hit home. The class [also gives] a comprehensive foundational environmental education that I’ve built off of with every subsequent class” – Jeremy, 2nd year


Course: BSC2862 Global Change Ecology and Sustainability (GE-B)
Professor: TBD
Description: Examines key issues in sustainability and global environmental change from an ecological perspective. Major themes include impacts of climate change on terrestrial ecological communities; feedback between the terrestrial biosphere and the atmosphere; and implications of climate change for the sustainability of natural and managed ecosystems.

  • “By the end of this class, you’ll have a much better idea of how you can apply various management practices, technologies, and policies that promote sustainability – no matter what career you end up going into.” – Matt, 2nd year

Published: April 17th, 2018

Category: Highlights