Make Your Next Event Certified Sustainable!

Planning an event? We’ve developed this guide to help you make it more sustainable! Whether it’s as small scale as a staff meeting, or as complex as a conference, we have the tools you’ll need to help minimize your negative impact on the environment, and maximize your ability to be an engaging change agent for a wide audience.

Sustainable Event Certification Guide and Application

Getting your event certified, no matter what size, is easy. Use the checklist when planning and coordinating your event, and you’ll be on your way to developing a sustainable event. By addressing your impact in the areas of site selection, waste, food, transportation, energy and innovation, your event can earn recognition and become a model for future events. Ideally, the event should be certified beforehand so achievements can be advertised to attendees, but an event can also be certified after it has occurred.

Upon submitting the application, Office of Sustainability staff will review the contents and follow-up with requests for further information as needed.

There are three levels for event certification: Orange, Blue and Green.



  • Orange: A minimal level of sustainability efforts have been met
  • Blue: Average levels of sustainability efforts have been met
  • Green: Above-average levels of sustainability efforts have been met

*Note: Innovation points will be added to any category to help meet the level the event is attempting.

If you have questions about the process or need additional guidance and resources, please e-mail

Published: March 8th, 2017

Category: Highlights