Rebecca Blazquez

  • Rebecca is a third year Natural Resource Conservation major with a minor in Agriculture and Natural Resource Policy and Ethics. This is her second semester working as an intern for the Office of Sustainability. She is most passionate about promoting recycling on campus, and has had the opportunity to do so while working with the TailGator Gameday Recycling Program.  After graduation, Rebecca plans to attend law school where she will focus her studies on environmental, natural resource, and energy law.

Carson Cooper

  • Carson is a senior Natural Resources and Conservation major with a minor in Sustainability and the Built Environment.  She is interested in pursuing urban planning in grad school, specifically environmental planning, in order to better alleviate environmental pressures caused by cities and population growth. This is her second year with the Office as an Outreach & Engagement intern, where she gets to spread her knowledge and love for sustainability to the campus and Gainesville communities. She’s hoping in her final semesters here at UF that she leaves a lasting legacy in sustainability, so come and visit her at the Hut!

Raegan Daley

  • Raegan Daley is a 4th year public relations student with a minor in business. She loves brand ambassadorship, marketing, advertising and interacting with clients, or people in general. To be able to develop the UF Sustainability brand at the University of Florida is quite fulfilling, because she loves working with social media. She is learning tactical skills that will be able to assist her in her career, which will be in the field of marketing, public relations and advertising, and eventually, entrepreneurship. Raegan sincerely enjoys working with the Office of Sustainability and the interns there. She is looking forward to an amazing senior year. Go Gators!

Gedaliah (Gadi) Dreyfuss

  • Gadi is currently in his second year studying geography and urban planning, but has long been interested in how the world spins. He travels frequently— most recently to the United Nations to deliver a speech on youth engagement in peace-related programming— but enjoys the homeliness of Gainesville. An avid cyclist, he’s done two long(er) distance trips from Incheon to Busan in South Korea on the 4 Rivers trail and from Jacksonville to Miami in Florida down US1 and A1A. In Gainesville, he’s likely seen biking on campus to go to class or to Ward’s to pick up some fresh collard greens. He plans to make cities, communities, and streets more bike-friendly for all those in or on them.

Zach Gerboc

  • Zach is a senior studying Agriculture Operations Management and minoring in Sustainability and the Built Environment. He was born and raised in South Florida, where he spends his time in and around the water surfing and bass fishing. This is his first year with the Office of Sustainability working as a Greek Outreach Intern. He is hoping to encourage energy efficiency in the fraternity and sorority houses as well as promote sustainability within UF’s Greek community. After graduation he hopes to use his background in agriculture to further expand agriculture impact on sustainable urban development as well as more become involved in green building design.

Monica Humphries

  • Monica is a junior journalism major and sustainability studies minor. This is her first semester as a communications and public relations intern. She’s really excited to spread the important knowledge of sustainability across campus by reporting on the incredible accomplishments of the Office of Sustainability, UF and campuses across the nation. In the future she hopes to spread similar knowledge across the world by combining her passion for the environment with travelling.

Megan Killer

  • Megan is a Second Year Biology major with a minor in Sustainability Studies. This is her first semester as an intern for the Gator Gear and Departmental Bike programs. In her spare time, you can find her biking the Hawthorne trail, camping, or rock climbing. As an advocate for cycling as a mode a transportation and a sport, she is beyond excited to be serving on a team that encourages students on campus to pick up these habits, while educating and promoting bike-safety and the needs of the environment.

Maegan Muir

  • Maegan Muir is a third year Environmental Science major still deciding on a dual major. This is her second year as an intern with the Office of Sustainability and she is working on Student Outreach & Engagement. She is an RA at Lakeside Complex, President of the SNRE Undergraduate Student Council, and is involved in Florida Alternative Breaks. Maegan loves camping and the outdoors and is always looking to inform people about sustainable practices to show them how cool sustainable living can be.

Sabina Osman

  • Sabina spends her time in school pursuing a combined Masters of Business Management and Bachelor’s Degree in Sustainability Studies with a concentration in Climatology and Meteorology and a minor in Anthropology. Her passion for this planet stems from appreciation of its beauty and intricacy. She believes that learning about and attempting to understand the environment is the key to spurring action, and is motivated to make big changes at UF. She is working towards making a positive impact on the world around her through her work with the Office of Sustainability. Go gators!

Gaby Placido

  • Gaby is a fifth-year Wildlife Ecology and Conservation major who is originally from upstate New York. Wildlife are Gaby’s truest passion, but she is deeply interested in all aspects of conservation. She has a wide variety of field experience ranging from volunteering with herpetologists (those studying reptiles and amphibians) in the Everglades, working at a non-profit nature preserve in upstate New York, volunteering at a wolf sanctuary, and studying biodiversity/conservation abroad in New Zealand. This internship has enabled her to become involved in important sustainability and conservation efforts on campus, including “Green & Clean” events in the conservation areas, where litter is picked up and invasive plant species are pulled. Hosting a few of these each semester throughout the different conservation areas on campus has resulted in hundreds of pounds of trash being removed and/or recycled; keeping our natural areas, and overall campus, beautiful, healthy, and sustainable.

Emily Schmidt

  • Emily is a fourth year Environmental Science major who is also minoring in Agricultural and Natural Resource Law and Sustainability. This is her first semester as a Biodiversity intern at the office where she hopes to learn more about the plant and animal species on campus as well as promote environmental advocacy. She is very passionate about environmental education and outreach and hopes to find a career that will allow her to teach people of all ages and backgrounds about the importance of environmental stewardship.

Alyssa Towns

  • Alyssa is a third year Biology major also working towards an English minor. This is her second year as an intern with the Office of Sustainability and she is excited to help expand and improve the TailGator Gameday Recycling Program to minimize the amount of waste that goes to the landfill on home game days. She is also excited to help plan and execute campus Earth Month and Spring Collection Day. Previously, she volunteered with the Sustainability Hut. Currently, she is doing research in a biology lab, looking at tree cores from Ordway-Swisher Biological Station. She loves yoga and plants and hopes to one day work in the field of conservation biology.

Tristen Townsend

  • Tristen is a fourth year Mathematics and Environmental Science double major and she is minoring in Sustainability Studies. This is her second year as an Outreach and Engagement intern at the Office of Sustainability and she hopes to encourage conscious, sustainable behavior changes within the campus community. In the future, she plans to attend graduate school and pursue her interests in soil and water science and applied mathematics.

Seth Wood

  • Seth is a 3rd year geography major with a sociology minor from Tampa, FL. This is his first year as an intern for the Office of Sustainability. After graduation, Seth hopes to pursue a graduate degree in urban planning. Seth likes bikes and the planet, and would like to make cities around the country safer for bicycle usage, through public education and infrastructure improvements.