Sustainability Related Courses: Undergraduate

Sustainability related courses are those that include sustainability but primarily focused on a topic other than sustainability, yet incorporates a unit or module on sustainability or a sustainability challenge, includes one or more sustainability-focused activity, or integrates sustainability issues throughout the course.

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Sustainability Related Courses

Sustainability Focused Courses

Course NumberCourse Name
AEC 40654065 Issues in Agricultural & Life Sciences
AEB 2451 Economics of Resource Use
AEB 4242 Agricultural Trade Policy (aka Agricultral and Food Policy)
AEB 4283 International Development Policy
AEC 4065 Issues in Agricultural and Life Sciences
AEC 4417 Leadership for Personal Organizational Change Agricultural Education and Communication
AEC 4065 AEC 6905 Issues in agricultural and Life Sciences 2
AFS 4935, LAS 4935Children in Developing Countries
AGR 4231 Forage Science and Range Management
ALS 4154 Global Agroecosystems
ALS 3133 Agriculture & Environmental Quality
ALS 4154 Global Agroecosystems DE
ALS 2410 Challenge 2050 Global Uncertainty
ALS 3133 Agricultural and Environmental Quality
ALS 3153 Agricultural Ecology
ALS 4932 Challenge 2050 Tools to Change the World
AMH 3630 American Enviro History
AMH 3931 America By Nature
ANS 2002, 2721The Meat We Eat
ANT 3141 Ancient Cities
ANT 3153 North American Archaeology
ANT 3390 Urban Anthropology
ANT 4006 Human Rights and Culture
ANT 4403 Environment and Cultural Behavior
ANT4910, ANG 6186 Community Archaeology and Heritage
ANT 4930Creating a Latin American Garden
ARC 1701 Architecture Histrory Part 1
ARC 3610 Environmental Technologies I
ARC 1000Architecture + Humanity
BCN 4905, 5905 Sustainable Housing Putting the Three Es into Residential Practice
BCN 1582 Interntaional Sustainable Development
BFE 41643 Ecological and Environmental Policy Seminary
BUL 4443 Ehics in Global Busines
COM 4930 Communication and resilence
DCP 4930 Green Building Strategies LEED Lab
DCP 4930 Sustainable Innovation and Global Health
ECO 3704 Intl Trade
EES 3000L Environmental Science and Humanities Lab
EES 4050 Environmental Planning and Design
EES 4103 Applied Ecology
EES 4401 Public Health Engineering
EES 5415 Environmental Health
ENC 1145 Writing about Ecology
ENT 4934 Social Entreprenuership
ENV 3930 Env Ethics Seminar
ENV 4351, ENV 5306Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
ENV 4411 Stormwater Control Systems
EVR 3323 Introduction to Ecosystem Restoration
FNR 4660 Natural Resource Policy & Economics
FNR 4343 Forest Water Resources
FNR 4623C Integrated Natural Resource Management
FOR 3202 Society and Natural Resources
FOR2662 Forests for the Future
FOR3004 Forest Conservation and People
FOR 3200C Foundations in Natural Resources and Conservation
FOE 4020Seminar in Contemporary Issues in Forest Resources and Conservation
FOR 4060Global Forests
FOR 4110Ecology and Restoration of the Longleaf Pine Ecosystem
FOR 4934Ecology Ecotourism
FOR 4934Ecology & Restoration of Invaded Ecosystems
FOR 4934 Urban Forestry
FYC 3001 Principles of FYCS
FYC 3401 Intro to Econ Social Perspectives on Community
FYC 4126 Urban and Rural Communities in Transformation
GEA 1000 Geography for a Changing World
GEO 2410 Social Geography 2
GEO 2420 Introduction to Human Geography
GEO 4938 African Environmental Issues
GLY 3882Hydrology and Human Affairs
HSC 3201 Community and Environmental Health
HSC 3102 Personal and Family Health
HSC 3201 Community and Environmental Health
HSC 4652L Ethical and Legal Issues in Public Health
HSC 4930 Ecology of HIV aids
IND 3468, IND 5466 Interior Environmental Technologies
IND 1020 Design Innovation
INR 2001International Relations
INR 2001 Introduction to International Relations
INR 3333 Introduction to International Security
INR 4350 Interational Environmental Relations
JOU 4930 Survey Of Environment In Media
JOU 4930 Environmental Journalism
LAA 2330 Site Analysis 2
LAA 2710 History of Landscape Architecture
LAA 4353CUrban Design
LAA 4356, ARC 1000 Architecture + Humanity
LAA 4357 Fifth Year Independent Project Seminar
LAA 2330 Site Analysis
LAA 2532 Landscape Management
LAA 3352CPlanting Design Studio
LAA 3420 Lanscape construction I 2
LAA 4450 Design Implementation
LAS 3930, LAS 6292 Creating a Latin American Garden
LAS 4935Economic Development in Latin America
LAS 4935, LAS 6938Environmenta & Social Movements
LAS 4935, LAS 6938, REL 4936, REL 5937 Emergent Brazil
LAS 66938, LAS 4935 The Amazon
IDE 3400, HOS 6932Residential Landscape Design
LEI 3120Introduction to Outdoor Recreation and Parks
NGR 4930, 5216Spirituality and Creativity
ORH 1030 Plants, Gardening, and You
PHC 3440 Global Public Health
PHC 4101 Public Health Concepts
PHC 4937 Global Health Disparities and Disabilities
PHS 3603, PHC 6937Critical Issues in Public Health
PUP 4224 Florida Environmental Politics
PUR 4203 Ethics and Professional Responsibility in Public Relations
REL 2104 Environmental Ethics
REL 3103, 5199 Religion Nature North America
REL 2174 Social Ethics
REL 3108 Religion Food
REL 3140 Religion and Society
REL 3160 Religion and Science
REL 3492 Religion, Ethics, and Nature
REL 3938 From Disney to Avatar: Nature Spirituality in Popular Culture
SWS 4231C Soil Water Land Use
SWS 4550 Soils Water & Public Health
SWS 4932Environmental Issues in Water Resources
SWS 4932Forest & Soil Ecosystem Services DE
SYA 4930 Environmental Crime
SYG 2000Principles Sociology
SYG 4930Disaster! Environment and Media in Contemporary Society
URP 3001Cities of the World
WST 2322Introduction to Health Disparities