Sustainability Focused Courses: Undergraduate

Sustainability focused courses are those in which the primary and explicit focus is sustainability and/or on understanding or solving one or more major sustainability challenge.

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Sustainability Focused Courses

Sustainability Related Courses

Course NumberCourse Name
AEB 4126Agriculture and Natural Resource Ethics
AEB4283International Development Policy
AGG 3501 Environment, Food and Security
AGR 4212Alternative Cropping Systems
ALS 4932Humanity’s 2050 Challenge_Our uncertain future_2
AMH 2631History of Sustainability - Davis
ANG 6930Power and Environment
ANT 2xxxAnthropology of Sustainability
AOM2520Global Sustainability Past, Present, and Future
ARC 3880Sustainable Architecture
ARC 4882Vernacular Architecture and Sustainability
BCN 1582International Sustainable Development
BCN 4905, 5905Sustainable Housing Putting the Three Es into Residential Practice
BSC 2862 Global Change Ecology and Sustainability
CLA 2151Classical Antiquity and Sustainability
DCP 3210: Sect 5265Sustainable Solutions for the Built Environment
DCP 3220: Sect 2354Social and Cultural Aspects of Sustainability
DCP 4290Capstone Project in Sustainability and the Built Environment
DCP 4930The Business of Sustainability
DCP 4941Practicum in Sustainability and the Built Environment
ENT4930Innovation for Development_Sustainable Solutions
ENT 6506Intro to Social Entrepreneurship
ENT6930, EN4934Dilemmas & Debates in Entrepreneurship: Challenges for Changemakers
ENV3930Env Ethics
FAS2024Global and Regional Perspectives in Fisheries
FNR4070c, 5072cEnvironmental Education Program Development
FOR4664 Sustainable Ecotourism
GEA 3600 Africa Sustainable Development
GEO 3372Conservation of Resources
GLY 2038Sustainability and the Changing Earth
HOS 4283CAdvanced Organic and Sustainable Crop Production
HOS 4905, 6932Weed Management for Organic and Sustainable Cropping Systems
HOS3281CPrinciples of Organic and Sustainable Crop Production
IDS 2154 Facets of Sustainability
IDS 4930 Climate Change Science and Solutions
IDS 4930Psychology of Sustainability
IDS 4942 Sustainability in Action
JOU 4930Environmental Journalism
LDE 4404CAdvanced Residential Landscape Design
LAS 6938Fundamentals of Economic Development in LA
ORH 2752Sensory Gardening
PCO4930The Psychology of Communicating Climate Change
POS 2032 Politics of Sustainability
REL 2071 Religion Sustainability - Fall 2014
SWS 4180Earth System Analysis On Campus - Fall 2014
SWS 4207, 5208Sustainable Agricultural & Urban Land Management On Campus
SYA 4930, 1366Environment & Development
SYD 4020Population
FOR 6628Community Forest Management