Sustainability Focused Courses: Graduate

Sustainability focused courses are those in which the primary and explicit focus is sustainability and/or on understanding or solving one or more major sustainability challenge (e.g. the course contributes toward achieving principles outlined in theĀ Earth Charter: ).

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Sustainability Focused Courses

Sustainability Related Courses

ARC 6883: Sect 046AVernacular Architecture and Sustainability
ARC 6934 European Approach to Sustainable Design
BCN 6585 Sustainable Construction
CGN 6905Materials and Sustainability
EES 5305Ecological and General Systems
EES 6318Industrial Ecology
ENV 6441Water resources planning and management
ENT 6506Intro to Social Entrepreneurship
ENT6930, ENT4934Dilemmas & Debates in Entrepreneurship: Challenges for Changemakers
ENT 6930Innovation & Sustainability
FNR4070C, 5072C Environmental Education Program Development
FOR 6005Conservation Behavior
FOR 5161Forest Sustainability, Productivity, and Health
FOR 6934Natural Resources in a Changing Climate
FYC 6302Sustainable Community Development
HOS 4905, 6932Weed Management for Organic and Sustainable Cropping Systems
HOS 6932 Advanced Organic and Sustainable Crop Production
LAS 6938 Sustainable Development Practice
LAS 6290, FOR 6628Community Forest Management
LAS 6938, AFS 6905Foundations of Economics for Sustainable Development
LAS 6938 AFS 6905 Design Methods for Sustainable Development Practice
LAS 6938Fundamentals of Economic Development in LA
LAS 6938Amazonia
LAS 6938Power & Environment
LAS 6940Sustainable Development Structure
LAS 6943, AFS 6905Development Theory and Practice in Latin America and Africa
URP 6424Sustainable Urbanism in the Americas
URP 6905Law and Sustainability
URP 6421Environmental Land Use Planning and Management
SWS 4207, 5208Sustainable Agricultural & Urban Land Management On Campus