Sustainable Transportation



Bicycling is an excellent way to minimize car use, save money on gas and get exercise all at the same time. Cycling can get you almost anywhere fast; you can beat Gainesville traffic by traveling in the bike lanes and get right up to your destination by riding on the sidewalks. Mounting wire baskets or pannier bags to your bicycle can extend your number of destinations by allowing for greater cargo transportation. Worried about bike theft or maintenance? UPD offers bicycle registration in order to aid in recovery in the case of bicycle theft – just stop any UPD officer or drop by the station. Student Government offers free bike repair on the ground floor of the Reitz Union. If bad weather strikes, you can hop on the bus and take your bike with you. For more information on keeping your bike secure, visit the UPD website.

Don’t have a bike? Check out our information on Gator Gears – UF’s student bike rental program!

Cycle Commuter Counseling Service

In order to encourage cycle commuting to UF by students, faculty and staff, the Cycle Commuter Counseling Service provides in-depth 1:1 counseling to connect cycle commuters with resources on-campus, online and in the community to make their commutes successful. After completing an initial survey about their commuting ambitions and current cycling knowledge and skills, participants will be offered a customized counseling session with a cycling expert who will help them break down barriers to cycling commuting.

Services offered may include:

  • Customized bike route development
  • Strategy and skills development
  • Accessory and bike selection
  • Guided rides to establish routes to and from campus
  • Answers to common commuting questions
  • Connection to community resources


UF students, faculty and staff may sign-up for the Cycle Commuter Counseling Service here. Once your introductory survey has been submitted, a member of the Gator Go: Bikes team will contact you to schedule your session.

Departmental Bike Share Program

UF offers a departmental bicycle program to encourage faculty and staff to use alternative modes of transportation on and around campus. The bicycles were refurbished from abandoned property on campus and their usage is being monitored to inform future programs. If you’d like to request a bike for your department, please e-mail

RTS – Regional Transit System


Riding the bus allows you to use your travel time to get other things done. Let someone else tackle the traffic while you sit and study, chat, or just relax. Designated UF students, faculty and staff and spouses enjoy unlimited access to all RTS services anytime, anywhere they operate, with no fee required, just show the driver your valid Gator One ID card.**

RTS runs 7 days a week, with routes throughout the UF campus and Gainesville, allowing you to use its convenient services for weekend errands as well as school and work commuting. Many buses have bicycle racks so you can take your bike with you. All buses now run on a B20 biodiesel blend and have a Gator Locator GPS system that allows you to track them in real time.

**Not valid on special services. Employee funding provided by UF and FDOT. Student funding provided by UF Student Activity and Service Fees.

Carpool & Zimride Program

If you live too far from your destination to walk or bicycle, and RTS doesn’t service your area, driving alone isn’t your only option. The Carpool Program encourages eligible University of Florida and Shands faculty and staff members to share the ride to and from campus. Registered carpool members purchase their own annual Carpool decals at about one half the cost of an Orange or Blue faculty/staff decal. Employees and students can also use Zimride to find carpooling partners by searching for others who live close and have similar schedules and lifestyle preferences. Zimride is a fun and easy way to share the seats in your car or catch a ride. You can find UF friends, classmates, and coworkers going the same way you are!



If you need a vehicle for a specific errand or trip, you still don’t need your own car. Zipcar offers 14 low-emission vehicles on campus to choose from, including 3 hybrids, and eliminates the guesswork of trying to find parking on campus. You’ll be able to find Zipcars at any of these locations:

  • Corner of Fraternity Drive and W Fraternity Row
  • Health Science Center
  • UF Bookstore/Welcome Center
  • Yulee and Reid Hall
  • Inner Road, between the Architecture Building and Broward Residence Hall

Zipcar members must be at least 18 years old. The program requires an annual membership fee for individuals and is free for UF departments, and while those 18-20 have access to all Zipcars on campus, members 21 or older are eligible to use thousands of Zipcars located around the globe. Hourly and daily rates start at $8.50/hour and $69/day, and include vehicle, gas, insurance, maintenance, reserved parking spaces, 180 free miles per trip, roadside assistance, and 24-hour customer service.

UF Campus Cab

Transportation and Parking Services provides point-to-point transportation for UF faculty and staff, on the Main Campus, East Campus, Emerson Alumni Hall and the Human Resources Building. The Campus Cab taxi service is available at no cost to users, Monday- Friday, 7:45 am – 4:45 pm. Reservations are taken from 7:15 am- 4:15 pm, at least 60 minutes before requested pick-up time. Make your reservation by emailing or calling 352-392-RIDE (352-392-7433).

Get Out and Walk


More than a quarter of U.S. car trips are one mile or less, and 13.7 percent are a half-mile or less. For most of us, these are walkable distances. Your good health is a gift, so if you can, walk!. Find a backpack or briefcase on wheels that can tote your work items and laptop. For shopping trips, invest in a sturdy shopping cart or collapsible crate on wheels. If you just want to get some exercise, Healthy Gators offers the Walking Gators program, with easy 1, 3 and 5 mile campus routes.

Going Home?

If you don’t bring your car, how can you go home for the weekend or holidays? If carpooling is not an option, GMG Transport and the Miami Bus Service provide weekly service to and from Gainesville and Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Pompano, West Palm Beach, Naples, Ft. Pierce, Orlando, Tampa, Ocala, Tallahassee, and Atlanta. UF doesn’t endorse any particular service, but you can check out GMG Transport, KW Travel Express, Greyhound Bus Lines, RedCoach, Megabus or American Education Tours for ideas.

SNAP (Student Nighttime Auxiliary Patrol)

SNAP provides nightly escorts anywhere on campus to persons on request. The service is staffed by students equipped and supervised by the university police department. To request a ride, call 352-392-SNAP (352-392-7627) or download the TapRide SNAP app for your smartphone. The app allows students and employees to request a ride and to see the location of the SNAP van in real time on a map. The driver can also notify the rider when he or she has arrived using a “honk” function, sending a push notification directly to the smartphone.