Social Equity & Well Being

UF has set goals to ensure that the university reflects the full complement of diversity and that its policies and procedures enforce social equity. The President’s Council on Diversity facilitates the institutional plan to help the UF community embrace diversity and social justice, and the Dean of Students Office hosts Multicultural and Diversity Affairs. The office seeks to promote awareness, understanding of differences, collaboration between cross-cultural groups, and to foster a sense of mutual respect among all students. The Dean of Students Office also assists students in their personal development by providing programs and initiatives that educate, motivate, and challenge them as members of the University of Florida.

UF, the University Athletic Association, and Follett are working to ensure that sweatshop labor is not used in the production of UF-branded clothes. Through a third-party monitoring agency, the Workers Rights Consortium (WRC), Gator branded product factories are audited to ensure that no child or sweatshop labor is used. In addition, they review reports from human rights organizations, labor groups, and other organizations and governments that provide data on this issue.

UF strives to ensure that all personnel are rewarded with fair wages and benefits. UF minimum wage for TEAMS and OPS employees is currently above the FL minimum wage, and the university seeks to ensure that contractors affiliated with the university also meet or exceed the wage policy established for university employees. Since 2006, the university’s full-time graduate students have been offered health insurance and UF offers domestic partner benefits to employees.

Each of us can contribute to a healthy social and cultural environment on campus. Diversity within the university community enriches the professional and educational experience for staff, faculty, and students. We learn from those whose experiences, beliefs, and perspectives are different from our own, and these opportunities are most accessible in a richly diverse and dynamic intellectual and social environments. Sustainability also encourages collaboration and open communication. Good communication and a sense of community help us foster the relationships and conversations necessary to bring about change for sustainability as well as helping to foster a holistic cultural climate at UF.