Office Staff

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Jacob Adams – Office Manager

Jacob Adams is the Program Assistant for the Office of Sustainability. He is responsible for managing the office’s business systems, human resources, and fiscal accountability practices. He was previously Office Manager for the Institute on Aging in the College of Medicine at the University of Florida and brings a varied and proficient skillset, along with an in-depth knowledge of the UF administrative system, to support the mission of the Office of Sustainability. Jacob has a background working in carbon offsetting with We Are Neutral, a Gainesville, FL non-profit that employs a unique model of community based carbon offset creation. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History from the University of North Florida. Additionally, Jacob is an active member of Gainesville’s vibrant cycling, arts, and music scenes.

Laurel NesbitProgram Assistant

Laurel is a Program Assistant in the Office of Sustainability. Her responsibilities include assisting with outreach to students, staff, faculty, and the Gainesville community, and coordinating the Office’s campaigns and events. She has a B.A. in English from the University of Florida and is currently pursuing her Master of Education and Education Specialist degrees in Mental Health Counseling from UF. She is a volunteer at the Alachua County Crisis Center, has previously served on the City of Gainesville Plan Board, and currently serves on the Board of Directors for Alachua Conservation Trust.

Liz Storn – Program Coordinator

Liz is a Program Coordinator for the Office of Sustainability. She is responsible for programs and initiatives related to waste, transportation and water, and enjoys working with students, faculty and staff on these and other topics.  Liz has a BA in Environmental Biology and Environmental Science from Dartmouth College (NH), as well as a BS in Engineering and a Master’s in Engineering Management from the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College. Prior to coming to UF, she worked as the Engineering Technician for a small city in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon and as a wetland consultant. She has experience in natural resource management, transportation system planning, stormwater engineering, mapping, and data management. When not at work, Liz is busy running, biking, and chasing after her toddler.

Allison Vitt – Outreach and Communications Coordinator

Allison is the Outreach and Communications Coordinator for the Office of Sustainability. She is responsible for the development and implementation of educational outreach and engagement programs, public relations efforts and communications campaigns that promote sustainability within the University of Florida campus community and the community-at-large. Prior to joining the Office of Sustainability, Allison served as the Director of Communications for UF’s College of Health and Human Performance for more than 3 years. She received her bachelor’s degree in journalism from UF in 2007. In her spare time, Allison enjoys running, reading, drawing and photography.

Megan Walker-Radtke Program Coordinator

Megan Walker-Radtke is a Program Coordinator for the Office of Sustainability. She focuses on projects and initiatives related to climate change, energy, and academic engagement; current projects include calculating UF’s greenhouse gas footprint, working with research and teaching laboratories across campus to implement more sustainable practices, and partnering with university operations personnel and contractors to reduce energy use on campus. Megan especially enjoys engaging and partnering with faculty and students across UF, including the Office of Sustainability’s enthusiastic and talented interns, to bring academic research into real-world practice on campus and to increase awareness of the science and impacts of anthropogenic climate change. Megan has a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Tulsa and a master’s in atmospheric science from Purdue. She has taught at several colleges and universities in northeastern and north central Florida, worked in emergency management and natural hazard mitigation in southern Texas, and consults in the fields of forensic meteorology and climatology. In her free time, Megan enjoys jumping out of airplanes, exploring underwater wrecks and reefs, traveling, and writing.

Matthew I. WilliamsDirector

Matt is the Director of UF’s Office of Sustainability and Energy Integration. He holds a B.S. and M.S. in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation from the University of Florida, and is a certified Energy Auditor through the Association of Energy Engineers. Prior to joining the office at UF, Matt worked for seven years in the Office of Sustainability at Auburn University (Alabama) where he was the lead coordinator for Auburn’s first Climate Action Plan and supporting Greenhouse Gas Inventories. In addition to climate and energy programs, Matt has focused on sustainability in campus food systems, transportation, procurement, waste prevention, stormwater education, inclusion and diversity, and community engagement. As a foundation to his work in campus sustainability, Matt has professional experience as a tropical field research biologist, an instructor in formal university courses on sustainability and biodiversity, and in the national non-profit realm working with public and private institutions to provide resources to make sustainably responsible procurement decisions. Matt’s approach recognizes the combined roles of individuals and institutions in creating a sustainable future, and the need for higher education to take a leadership role in both educating students for sustainability, and incorporating sustainability practices into day-to-day campus operations.