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March 21, 2018


UF is celebrating Bike Month with a variety of events and a new program designed to make choosing a bike to get to and around campus easy! Visit our webpage here for more details!

In order to encourage cycle commuting to UF by students, faculty and staff, the Cycle Commuter Counseling Service provides in-depth 1:1 counseling to connect cycle commuters with resources on-campus, online and in the community to make their commutes successful. After completing an initial survey about their commuting ambitions and current cycling knowledge and skills, participants will be offered a customized counseling session with a cycling expert who will help them break down barriers to cycling commuting. UF students, faculty and staff may sign-up for the Cycle Commuter Counseling Service here.

Ever wonder if you’re putting things in the correct bin? Take this quiz to test your recycling knowledge and help us compete against FSU for RecycleMania! Do You Know How To Recycle?

The Cupanion program is a chance for students to earn discounts and rewards on campus for refilling and using a reusable water bottle! For the month of March, Cupanion users will have a chance to win a Sustainable UF Prize Pack, plus a variety of rewards on campus. Learn more about how you can get a Cupanion Tag and start scanning here: http://sustainable.ufl.edu/get-involved/cupanion/

RecycleMania is a national competition that puts colleges and universities across the country head-to-head to see who can recycle the most. It is an opportunity for University of Florida to shine while encouraging and educating students,faculty and staff on the value of recycling! How can you be a part of RecycleMania at UF? Visit this page to find out!

We’ve developed an easy online guide and application to help students, faculty, and staff make any event more sustainable! Whether it’s as small scale as a staff meeting or party, or as complex as a conference, we have the tools you’ll need to help minimize your negative impact on the environment, and maximize your ability to be an engaging change agent for a wide audience. Check out all the information and the guide here.

Congratulations to the most recent Sustainable Event Certifications:
Green Level:
– Frank 2018 Gathering
– Bob Graham Center for Public Service: Future of Florida Summit
– Benton Engineering Council: E-Week ’18
– UF Levin College of Law: Public Interest Environmental Conference
– Imagining Climate Change + Dept. of Spanish & Portuguese: Daring or Collusion: The Responsibilities of Literature in the Late Anthropocene
– Science Fiction Working Group: Flora of Middle-Earth
– Florida Museum: Can You Dig It
Blue Level:
– Kappa Phi Lambda: The Become StrongHER Conference 2018


Join Sustainable UF for Bike to Campus Day as we celebrate bicyclists who cycle-commute to campus. We’ll be set up on the Plaza of the Americas from 7:30 – 9:30 am to welcome bike commuters with a free breakfast and information about how Gator Go: Bikes will keep working throughout the year to improve cycling accessibility and programming at UF. Look for the tent with the bike racks next to it for a convenient place to stop and refuel for the day!

Join us on March 31 for an all-ages community ride from UF to Depot Park where we will encounter bicycle infrastructure and friendly roads that make UF and Gainesville great places to ride! The ride will start at the Plaza of the Americas on the UF campus at 9:00 am and will conclude when the group arrives at Depot Park at approximately 9:30 am. Don’t miss this chance to build awareness of cycling in the community as UF and Gainesville continue to work together to make cycling great throughout the city.

Join Sustainable UF for this volunteer service learning event as part of our Tree Campus USA efforts! We’ll be hosting a Harmonic Woods clean-up and invasive plant removal from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm. Snacks and refreshments will be provided for all volunteers! Volunteers should meet by 9:30 am at the gravel parking lot on the south side of Museum Road near Lake Alice, across from the intersection at Fraternity Row.

A. Whitney Sanford’s book Living Sustainably illustrates how groups of intentional communities are living out values such as nonviolence, social equity and sustainability. Between 2011 and 2015, Sanford visited more than 20 intentional communities across the U.S., including ecovillages, cohousing communities and Catholic worker houses and farms, to see how these communities translate values into actual practices of eating, building and governing. Their on-going demonstrations showcase choices and trade-offs in attempting to live sustainably, and their experiments can help us think through solutions in our own communities.

As events are added to Campus Earth Week, stay up to date by visiting our webpage!

Keep Alachua Beautiful is in search of volunteers for The Great American Cleanup! This event is a great way to clean up our community in a fun-filled way. Volunteers will be rewarded for their efforts by winning prizes and eating delicious food at a Great American Cleanup After-Party! Check out the Facebook event or EventBrite page to learn more.

Food for Thought is a video and discussion series intended for UF’s Green Team network as an opportunity to share information and engage with each other towards a more sustainable future. The series will cover a variety of sustainability topics, including: Energy, Water, Waste, Sustainability, Climate Change. Open to all UF Green teams, as well as those interested in joining or starting a Green Team. Learn more about the first session.

Join the University of Florida team in the University bioQuest! Help UF claim victory over other teams and you might even win a prize! While you have fun exploring nature, both on and off campus, you’ll also be contributing to research that helps protect life on Earth.

Get involved – Download ‘QuestaGame’ for free from the Apple or Google app store, then join our team here -> https://questagame.com/university-bioquest
How to win – Throughout the month of April, submit sightings, on or off campus, of ‘wild’ animals, fungi and plants. The rarer your find, the higher your score. Your efforts could help us claim the Champion Spotters Team Trophy! There are also points for providing correct identifications through QuestaGame’s Bio-Expertise Engine (bee.questagame.com). If you already know nature, jump in there and help us claim the Champion Identifiers Team Trophy.
There’s plenty prizes – US$250 in Amazon gift cards! Can you claim the Best Photo or the Best Find? Anyone can be in the running for the Active Adventurer Prize Draw.

  • Save The Date: Spring Collection Day is April 25th!

Sustainable UF’s Collection Day Event is your one stop drop! Leading up to the event, students, faculty and staff are encouraged to consider putting aside unwanted items such as gently used household items, non-perishable food, school supplies, gently used clothing & toiletries, and hazardous & electronic waste. These items can be brought to Collection Day to be recycled or disposed of responsibly!


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