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The Latest in Sustainability at UF, from Ecology to Economy and Equity.

May 1, 2017


CS3 offers attendees the chance to network, learn, and exchange ideas with peers from around the country on ways in which athletic and sports programs can join the campus movement to engage students, fans, and alumni in making collegiate sports socially, economically, and environmentally responsible. Find out more here.

Whether you are a new student, faculty member, employee, or a parent or family member of a student, we extend our warm welcome to the Gator Nation! We hope that you make your time at UF as memorable – and sustainable! – as possible. To get you started, we’ve put together some quick links for information that will help start you off on the ‘green’ path. Find the guide to Going Green at UF here.

On April 12th, the University of Florida celebrated Campus Earth Day with the inaugural Sustainability Showcase at the Reitz Union and with Philippe Cousteau, the Campus Earth Day keynote speaker. Find out more about the event and plans for next year.

At the end of each semester, students, faculty and community members can bring unwanted items to Collection Day to be donated or disposed of responsibly. Learn more about the event and stay tuned for the first ever Summer Collection Day!

A partnership of the Office of Sustainability and Healthy Gators, the Champions for Change Awards recognize individuals or groups in the UF community who have made significant contributions in the areas of sustainability and health during their time at UF. Take a look at the 2017 award recipients here.

We’ve developed an easy online guide and application to help students, faculty, and staff make any event more sustainable! Whether it’s as small scale as a staff meeting or party, or as complex as a conference, we have the tools you’ll need to help minimize your negative impact on the environment, and maximize your ability to be an engaging change agent for a wide audience. Check out all the information and the guide here.


In the May session of the Easy as PIE webinar, Margaret (Peggy) Hammond Carr, a Professor in the University of Florida’s Department of Landscape Architecture, will provide an overview of the results of the Florida 2070 and Water 2070 projects. Emphasis will be placed on the methodology used to project water demand for development and agriculture in 2070, and associated recommendations.

The Florida Climate Institute is calling on all students across our universities to create compelling videos on climate challenges that will promote understanding of impacts and inspire action! Each participating FCI university will hold a campus-wide event in late September. More detailed timeline will follow in Fall 2018. Find more rules and guidelines here.

The Summer Institute on Sustainability and Energy (SISE) is a two-week “boot camp” for future decision makers eager to join the sustainability and energy revolution happening around the globe. Held annually since 2011, the program boasts 300 alumni. During weekdays, SISE’ers participate in high-level talks, visit energy and sustainability sites, and network. In 2017, SISE will focus on transportation, specifically the concept of mobility and the the future of transportation systems.



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