Getting Started Guide

Before forming a Green Team, be sure to sign up for the Green Team Listserv!

Common Questions:

  • What is a Green Team?
    Green Teams develop new initiatives appropriate to their departments in addition to actively participating in campus-wide sustainability initiatives. Green Teams identify how their department or unit can increase efficiency by incorporating sustainability into processes and ensuring that these practices become institutionalized.
  • What responsibilities does a Green Team member have?
    The focus of Green Teams vary depending on the department it serves. However, the overall role of a Green Team is to facilitate the creation, promotion, and implementation of sustainability programs within a department or unit. Members will hold and attend departmental Green Team meetings to assess internal processes and evaluate ways to improve sustainability efforts. Members also contribute to the greater Green Team network by providing information on best practices, successes, and by serving as resources based on their areas of expertise.
  • What is the time commitment?
    Time commitments for Green Team members may vary, and it is up to the team to establish meeting schedules. Green Team participation is solely volunteered-based and is in addition to any normal work duties and hours. 3-5 hours each month is the typical commitment.
  • Do you need any prior experience/knowledge to be on a Green Team?
    No. Your passion for sustainability is enough to get you started! We have resources to help you become an active member in the Green Team Network.
  • What resources are available to support my Green Team?
    In addition to the Getting Started Guide, members will have access to many different types of online resources coming from different campus units. Resources consist of guides on improving your workplace, energy reduction tips, worksheets, how-to guides incorporating best practices, sustainable purchasing guidelines, and presentation materials.
  • For more questions, visit the Green Team FAQ.

Forming a Green Team:

  • Step 1: Prepare for an Initial Gathering
    • Consider approaching your department leaders for support. Green Teams with administrative support find that they have greater success with sustainability projects.
    • Identify one or more members to be leaders of your Green Team and serve as a main contact for the Office of Sustainability and the rest of the Green Team network.
    • Find and reserve a meeting location.
    • Identify and invite co-workers who would be interested in promoting sustainability within your department, or send an open invitation to all of your colleagues.
    • Things to Consider:
      • Are you willing to be the Green Team captain, and if so, is your supervisor okay with that arrangement? If not, who is willing and able to assume a leadership role?
      • Can you identify coworkers in your unit or department that are interested in sustainability and may want to join the Green Team?
      • Use the resources and examples here to assess your workplace and begin to brainstorm ways to make it more sustainable – this can help inform the meeting agenda.
  • Step 2: Host an Introductory Meeting
    • Discuss and outline the goals of your team within your department. Ideas for actionable goals are listed below.
    • Develop action plans and assign project leaders.
    • Office of Sustainability staff are interested in attending your Green Team launch meeting! Please contact us at
      • Helpful materials for your launch meeting will soon be available online. Contact us for more information.
    • Gather contact information for interested individuals to continue conversations about the structure and goals of your team.
    • Sign up the team captain and any interested members to the Green Team Listserv.
  • Step 3: Maintain Enthusiasm
    • Sign up the team captain and any interested members to the Green Team Listserv.
    • Send meeting minutes and follow-up communications to interested parties.
    • Schedule regular departmental Green Team meetings. Active Green Teams generally meet monthly.
    • Have members sign up for the Sustainable UF E-Newsletter to keep up to date on new campaigns and programs, events, opportunities and general news updates.
    • Send news updates to the Office of Sustainability so that we can share your success on our website and with other Green Teams.
    • Most importantly, keep Green Team efforts fun and be creative on ways to engage colleagues: host a reading group, schedule a social hour to discuss sustainability topics and new projects, or plan an office potluck to celebrate a recent success. The possibilities are endless!

Ideas for Getting Started: