Green Teams

Self-organized cross-functional groups of employees coming together to identify and implement specific solutions to help their department operate in a more sustainable fashion.


  • Actively participate in campus-wide sustainability initiatives, as well as developing new initiatives appropriate to their departments.
  • Identify how their department, and UF as a whole, is moving towards or away from sustainability.
  • Help provide information and cooperation across teams.
  • Incorporate sustainability goals into departmental orientation processes for new employees/students to ensure that these practices become institutionalized.

As a Green Team member, you will have the opportunity to provide meaningful service to UF, while networking across campus and promoting and encouraging sustainable actions and attitudes in the workplace by leadership and example. To find a Green Team in your area, send an inquiry e-mail to


If you would like to receive updates about the UF Green Team network or the Green Team resources provided by our office, sign up for the Green Team Listserv. This link will launch a completed email from your preferred browser. Confirm that it is your preferred email contact and then hit SEND! This will automatically subscribe you to the listserv.

UF Green Team Listserv