For Faculty & Staff

IMGP0921There are many ways for faculty and staff to get involved with sustainability at UF – from serving on the Sustainability Committee to incorporating campus sustainability into your curriculum, research, or workplace.  We hope this site will help provide the information and resources you need.

If you would like a class presentation on sustainability at UF or want to incorporate sustainability into your curriculum or research, please contact us.

Neutral UF Coalition

The Neutral UF Coalition program was launched in April 2016 at the annual Campus Earth Day Celebration and is designed to allow faculty and staff employees of the University of Florida to voluntarily offset the carbon impact of their commutes to and from campus. Learn more about the program here.

Green Recognition for Offices and Workspaces (GROW)

The mission of the Green Recognition of Offices and Workspaces (GROW) at the University of Florida is to encourage and promote sustainable practices among university faculty and staff through an innovative certification program. View updates about this program and its development here.

Faculty Guest Lectures

The UF Office of Sustainability can help you locate faculty experts willing to guest lecture in courses at UF to promote interdisciplinary discussion and inclusion of sustainability topics in all academic disciplines. If you are interested in having a faculty guest lecturer present their topic in your class, please e-mail us. 

Sustainable UF Guest Lectures

The Office of Sustainability is available to join your class for a guest lecture or presentation, and we are happy to find a topic or theme that ties in with your class’ current material. If you are going to be out unexpectedly, don’t cancel class: Call Sustainable UF instead! (352) 392-7578 or e-mail

Meeting Presentations

Does your office or college/department want to learn more about sustainability initiatives taking place at UF? Invite us to present at your next meeting or event! E-mail for more information.

Green Teams

UF’s Green Team Network is an effort to involve members of the campus community, at all levels, to help realize the goals present in the Vision for a Sustainable UF. The OoS offers support and resources for Green Teams and works to connect teams and facilitate dialogue and cooperation on sustainable efforts across campus. Click here to learn more about Green Teams and how to find one – or start one – in your department, college or unit.

Departmental Bike Share Program

Sustainable UF has recently expanded its departmental bicycle program to encourage faculty and staff to use alternative modes of transportation on and around campus. Learn more about the program and Request a bike today!

Sustainable Event Certification

Planning an event? We’ve developed this guide to help you make it more sustainable! Whether it’s as small scale as a staff meeting, or as complex as a conference, we have the tools you’ll need to help minimize your negative impact on the environment, and maximize your ability to be an engaging change agent for a wide audience. Find more information and our easy online guide here.